Thank you Elizabeth for our wonderful stay at your house. Our trip in the east wouldn’t have been so nice if we haven’t found your B&B. Every time we returned from downtown or from our “big trip” it was like coming home. This meant a lot to us. We hope to return to your B&B one day….but if not, we will always remember you and your dogs and of course your porridge!!

August 19th, 2004 Hugo Nguyen & Christian Heim, Germany

June 2000…New York Times…Jesse McKinley humorously reported the Inverness as a very affordable “oh-so-quaint B&B”…on the western flank of downtown Toronto.

“Places to Stay”… Inverness B&B… in his 2 page June 2000 Frugal Traveler, Toronto article.

“I retreated to my bed and breakfast, the Inverness, an oh-so-quaint (there were teddy bears everywhere) but very affordable four room establishment near High Park, on the western flank of downtown. (Bed and breakfasts are cheap, generally $40-$65 a night and plentiful in Toronto. I settled into a good size second floor room (which had comfy quilts on an antique queen-size bed and a big whirlpool) just before it started to rain. Rain is not quite the right word; it was as if Lake Ontario had been dropped onto Toronto. It was sometime during this torrent that the entire house went black, cast into darkness by downed power lines. I went to fetch a candle from my host…and nearly died of fright. Let’s just say that if teddy bears are slightly ominous in the daylight, when you see one in a darkened B&B during a lightening storm, it looks downright homicidal.”

I’m Christine Tucker. I’m 11 years old and when I stayed at the Inverness B&B I had a great time. Elizabeth was really friendly and her dogs are really sweet. Nearly every night, my Mum, Dad and brother played cards on the huge dining room table. Her food is really nice and it fills you up until lunch! (It’s also really healthy so my parents were pleased!)

August 14th, 2004 Christine Tucker, London, England

I have stayed with Elizabeth at the Inverness B&B for five consecutive years. It is a beautiful house in an ideal location. Elizabeth welcomes you from the moment you walk through the door…and you are made to “feel at home” from the outset. She serves the healthiest breakfasts you will find in Toronto! Staying in a B&B is the ideal way to get to know Toronto….and staying at the Inverness is the best way. So take off your shoes (please) and relax. You won’t regret it. When you stay with Elizabeth, you will arrive as a guest and leave as a friend!

August 7th, 2004 Alan Hoosen, Chester, England

Very beautiful house inside and out!!! Warmest reception that we have ever received in Toronto! And lastly, very tasty organic breakfast.

November 29th, 2003 Oulia & Anton

The High Park district is far more beautiful than we imagined…the park and of course your lovely home. Sorry to get you up so early on a Sunday.

June 27th, 2004 Ed & Fay Reid, Canada

Thank you for welcoming us into your home. Our stay was like being in a “home away from home”. The Inverness is so convenient to everything. We will never forget your healthy breakfasts, and we will not even attempt to duplicate the Porridge!! Most mornings the breakfast table was like a friendly United Nations meeting. We also enjoyed the company of Seamus, Mouton & Maggie…they made us feel very welcome too! Seamus, we will miss getting our ankles washed every morning. We met such interesting people and have planned our “same time, same place” get together for next year. We will definitely be back!

August 9th, 2004 Graham & Pat Young, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Dear Elizabeth, thank you so much for your hospitality while I was in Toronto. I really enjoyed my stay at your home and will pass on the contact to other traveling friends. I especially enjoyed the time and care you put into breakfasts for your guests. It was a great way to start a day. I’ve enclosed a little brown bear for your collection. Although she is not an antique, I thought she would fit right in with the rest of your family. Please pet your dogs for me.

Sep 26th, 2000 Kelly Buckwalter, Santa Rosa, California

Exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much. Will think of you Elizabeth, and the dogs with much fondness.

October 27th, 1999 May Thoun West Vancouver, BC

The four nights at your place were so restful and we felt right at home. We loved your menagerie. We felt you cared.

May 7th, 2000 Anne & Millie Osterberg Calgary, Alberta

Breakfast good to look at and to eat. Lovely atmosphere, relaxing – wonderful animals, Thank you…see you again.

June 3rd, 2000 Amber & Tim Ryswyk (ZH) NL

Thank you! My first stay in a B&B. I loved it.

June 12th, 2000 Sharon Cochenet Loveland, Co USA

Great experience. Hotels are out. B&B’s are in!

August 9th, 2000 Ank Cowan Punt, Holland

Lovely place, spectacular breakfasts, nice location. I can’t think there are any other criteria.

August 9th, 2000 Tom Francis, Sussex, England

Thank you for the lovely welcome and the specials Scottish breakfast!

August 17th, 2000 Claire & Isobel, Dalkieth & Hawick, Scotland

From the bed, to the breakfasts, to you Elizabeth. This was everything the experience should be. Toronto is wonderful & you helped make it so. With thanks and hopes of a return visit soon.

March 18th, 2001 Paul Franklin, Teaneck, New Jersey, USA

Thank you for making our stay here so happy & comfortable. You have created a “fairy-tale” world. We loved it at Inverness & Mouton & Maggie. As for breakfasts, they were not only delicious, but filled us with goodness & energy. Looking forward to being back.

May 2001 Robert & Anita Libesman, Australia

Our stay at the Inverness reinforced the wonderful impression we have of Toronto.

August 11th, 2003 Jill & Richard Sanderson, East Yorkshire, England

A nice, cozy comfortable country feeling in the middle of the city.

July 7th, 1999 James, Wanda & baby Teague Riordon, Dorval, Quebec

We spent two beautiful days here and especially enjoyed the fresh water and splendid breakfasts. Thank you Elizabeth

May, 1999 Rudi Weiss, New York, NY, USA

We thoroughly enjoyed our time here! Elizabeth, you are a most welcoming hostess!

June 18th, 1999 Arne & Bonnie Robb Pointe Claire, Quebec

Nice house, nice dogs, nice lady….what more do you want?

August 24th, 1999 Stefano Fusella, Italy

Elizabeth, thank you for everything. We felt very comfortable and we really like you. We’ll come back with Japanese Sake and hold a Sake party!

September 1st, 1999 Tomoko, Nisshin Aichi, Japan

Greatly impressed by the high level of hospitality. Great little auberge with family atmosphere. Food alone is worth the stay! Felicitation et merci.

Oct 18th, 1999 Verda & Paul Rocnon, Quebec

Just to say “thanks” for a magic weekend in a wonderful B&B. “Nae see bad” as even an Aberdonian would say (which you well know is the highest rating he would ever bestow).

April 19th, 2009 James & Peggie Aberdeen Scotland

Inverness-Elizabeth- gives an atmosphere of belonging. I feel like I’m back on the farm where I grew up. Thanks for the trip down memory lane & he breakfasts.

August / 05 Ingrid Ottawa

I think your place is so special. There is something about it that makes it unique, homey & a spot full of hidden wonders. I think one of the main things thst gives it that “special something” is yourself. It was an incredible gift to our trip that we had the opportunity to stay at your B&B. Thank you so much and I hope we see each other again or somehow remain in touch.

July/05 Lucero Mexico