Air Quality …all three levels of your Inverness High Park Bed and Breakfast are equipped with their own “Rainbow Air Purification” system.the only medically certified air purification system… guaranteeing our guests an allergy free environment. As well as keeping the air fresh & allergy free the “Rainbow” systems are routinely used for mattress/pillow cleansing and disinfecting.

Water Quality …pure , healthy balanced reverse osmosis life support water is available to guests on demand. During your stay you will have your personal stainless steel water bottle filled daily to meet your “on the go” water needs.

Our “life support” drinking and cooking water ….is purified by a “Simple H20” seven+one stage RO system. This medical grade water purification system is mandatorily inspected annually by a Certified Water Quality Technician to ensure ongoing high “life support” water quality.

Breakfasts …nutritious…generous…simple yet creative…with organic foods being the normal fare. Just mention your dietary preference when you make your reservation.

MIGUN Therapy bed & mattress…For those familiar with Migun therapy…or those who may like to experience it…daily complimentary sessions can be scheduled.